Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free Spritual SMS Service for bhakts of Guru Dev.

Hello radhe radhe.......i am govind, friend of maddy, it  was a long time since i posted here, but now i back again.....!!! bolo jai jai shri radhey to all my friends....!!!

प्रेम सरोवर  छाड़ के   तू  भटके  है..... क्यों  चित्त  की चाह  न  मै....!!

जहाँ   गेंदा  गुलाब  अनेक  खिले ...बैठो क्यों करील  की छावं न मै ..!

प्रेमी कहे... यह प्रेम को पंथ ....रहिगोकर  सुधे........ सुधाय न मै ....!!

मन   तोहे  मिले  विश्राम वही ....वृषभान किशोरी  के पाँव  न  मै ..!!

Pujya Guru dev Shri Gaurav Krishna Ji during on going  Bhagwat Katha at Patiyala, Punjab (20 - 27 FEB 2011).

Makhan  Chori Leela at Shrimab Bhagwat Katha at Patiyala, Punjab (20 - 27 FEB. 2011)

 Maa guru dev says .....ye prabhu ki  jo....divya katha hai ...ye ek prem ka sarovar hai ....aur  wo jeev bade abhage (unlucky) hai ....jo iss  prem ke sarovar ko chood kar...... man ke peeche peeche bhag rahe hai......sansar mai bhatake ja rahe hai ....!!  Aao  iss prem sarovar mai gota lagaye......!! shri radhey..!

We recently  started  a SMS  services  specifically  for the bhakts of Pujya Guru dev Shri Mridul Krishna  Ji and Chote gurudev Shri  Gaurav Krishna Ji.

By this SMS  you will get greeting, katha vachans , sloke , sher, gopi bhav told by guru dev in their katha. You will also receive shrimad bhagwat katha schedule, future katha, and also information regarding live telecast on t.v. These SMSes will contains  ....the content which are  related pujya guru dev only...!!

You can join this community by following ways:
To join guru vani type in ur compose msg..

JOIN Guru_Vanni 
and this to 09219592195   or  567678.
national sms  charges  (i.e. Rs. 2 approx. ) will applicable   only one time....!!!

Now, let me tell you one thing that, your number cannot be seen by  anyone...even to us as it will automatically gets feeded into the server and will not able see by any one even to us. We just can see the no of people who added to this services.So there is completely secrecy and privacy.

If you face any problem or any query regard this SMS service please send email to Prince, as he will look after this message service.
 email i.d ::   prince.duniyaderaje@gmail.com 

or u can ask me  any time any question ....ohh..sorry ..  not  any question...just related only to gurudev hahaha...... OK..!!  contact me at

or you can post your comments here and u will get instant answer from maddy as always online most of the time....i think..!!

In this blog post you can download  a  beautiful bhajan "pyaro madan gopal , pyari radha rani "  sung by Shri Gaurav Krishna Goswami .

Pyaro Madan Gopal , Pyari Radha Rani : DOWNLOAD
Problems:  After receving a very good response from bhakts , some of the major problem encountered by bhakts , so i just want to clarify few more things.

1. The amount will be  deducted only single time, while you send the request to join.
2. This is applicable for indian bhakts only as off now. (Not from outside india )
3. If you have the msz card in your mobile, the sms will be duducted from that , not from main balance.
4. You should not subscribe to DND (Do not disturb ) service, to receive these sms.
5. Not able to put underscore sign, use the star button , for symbol.


  1. Sms ke charges kya roj lagage ya phir keval register karane par hi?

  2. sms ka charge keval ek bar hi lagega ....regiter karne ke liye..!!

    usake baad no charge..!!

    thankx radhe radhe

  3. Or agr apka pas sms pack he to usi me se detect hoga(only one time)..balnce me se koi charge nhi laega..
    Radhe Radhe..

  4. Or agr apka pas sms pack he to usi me se detect hoga(only one time)..balnce me se koi charge nhi laega..
    Radhe Radhe.

  5. Maine yeh sms service li hai ......... Msgs bahut achhe hai..... par kabhi kabhi koi msg adha hi ata hai......

  6. hello radhe radhe

    actully when the msz is too long so it comes in two part i.e.
    1/1 for 1st msz.
    1/2 for 2nd part of mgz.

    so after getting first msz u will get second msz in parts.

  7. My service is not getting activated.
    I talked to Prince ji about that but now a days even he has stopped responding. How can I resolve the problem.

    Radhey Radhey

  8. radhe radhe

    thankx for yr mail.......!! i will ask to prince abt your no. and mean while just mention yr mobile no. if u can...so that we can exactly know the reason.....!!u can mail me at maddy.dl@gmail.com

    and also plz let me know whether DND is not activated to yr no. becz i also struggling to get it deactivated till now..!!