Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha at Houston.........!!!!

There are several  bhakts who are asking about the  local address for the Guru Ji 's Katha which is going to be held at Houston, Texas, USA .

So for them , here is the venue where this katha will be held:

Date :                                         19 September  to  25 September.

Venue:                                        ISSO Shri Swaminarayan Temple
                                                   10080 Synott Rd
                                                   Houston, Texas, USA

Local Contact No:                      2814915814

 Its quite a long period since guru ji is away from us......we are missing you in India......... !!But People living there also had lot of faith in Guru dev .......so its quite necessary to fullfill their desire through .......... Amritmaya wani of pujya guru dev ..........So i would like to say ..........to all the people living thier , plz go and  attend this program as this is  one of the last opportunities they have.... before Guruji comes back to India this year.

For guru dev i would like to say these few lines:

चाँद  के निकलने  से  दिखती  है... आपकी  झलक ..!!

आप सामने   होते हो तो न.... झपकती है पलक ..!!

आपके आगे फीकी लगती है...... हीरे  की चमक ..!!

और आपसे  तो आती है....... ज़िन्दगी  मै रौनक ..!!

-------------RADHE  RADHE--------


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  2. Yes....u y right....Nivedita G..!!

    I had same feeling several times whenever guru ji goes..!!

    Even i saw several people starting weeping .!!

  3. we had shri guruji's bhagwat katha in Edmonton last week.i had chance of touching his feet almost everyday.I took his blessings.last day i followed him to the car in which he sat on the front seat.I requested him
    "prabhuji please come next year too to bless us with bhagwat katha,he smiled at me".that smile took away all of my tears of separating from my guruji.
    jai shree krishna

  4. I also got to meet Guruji twice while he was in Edmonton and got his blessings ....what a great experience it was. When Guruji goes to back to India I miss him as well ....tears come sometimes . But I own DVD's of his Bhagwat Katha that he did in Mumbai and Vrindaban so I watch it few times a week....that eases the pain of parting a bit. Radhe Radhe !! Banke Bihari Bless my Guruji so that we can list to many more Bhagwat Kathas.

  5. guruji apse muje jine ki nayi rah mili hai... maine aap ko guruji sirf tv par hi dekha hai par muje lagta hai main aap ko kab se janta hu...short main kahu to guruji aap ne muje vo rah dikhai jaise " EK KABRISTAN KE BOARD PAR LIKHA THA KI MERI MANZIL TO YAHI THI BAS ZINDAGI GUZAR GAYI YAHA ATE ATE..... JAI SHREE KRISHNA.....

  6. Its so true Jaydeep. Guruji's Bhagwat Katha is really mesmerising. Listening to live katha is another experience. By Krishna's grace I got to listen to Guruji's live Kathas 3 times . The way Guruji explains it in simple language is understood by everyone ...people like me who dont know much hindi can even understand it. Radhe Radhe!!!