Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After effects of Srimad Bhagwat held at Phagwada... Punjab

People forget shouting, people forget abusing, people forget drinking , they forget brawling in the streets,......etc....etc....one and only sound you will hear there now is radhe radhe. These are not my words , these are words of people living their in phagwada itself.

Yes......this is the true strory of a place called Phagwada which is situted in state of Punjab. People forget all the bad habits after the bhagwat katha held their of our Pujya Guru Dev Shri Gaurav Krishna Ji Maharaj....!! Now you can hear people chanting rahde radhe , you can hear bhajan of pujya guru dev all around the streets....!! yani ki fiza mai badlav aa gaya......!!

Such a wonderful katha was held there....that almost all city was there to listen amritmay vani of guru dev...!! Since this katha's live telecast was not shown on to the T.V. , so now chinta ki koi baat nahi hai.

With the great demands of people from all over india specially in phagwada and even outside india ......so now sankar channel will show the special telecast of this katha .


Special Telecast of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha held at Phagwada ( Punjab)

Katha Vyas: Gaurav krishan Maharaj ji

Dates: 16 June 2010 to 21 June 2010
Time: 3 PM to 7 PM

Dates: 22 June 2010
Time: From 10 PM

Channel : Sanskar T.V.

PH: 011-45598800 / 0565-2456928

This is the almost a dream come true....as we also were missing ....it was quite long since we saw their katha on tv. So we can pray to banke bihari & shri radha rani........... ki wo pujya gurudev ki amritya maya vani ke dwara apni katha ka aise hee raspan karate rahe.... !!!!

Radhe Radhe


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  3. Radhe Radhe to every1 reading dis!!!!

    im chandni,,,,,from d very very lucky city phagwada,,,,,,,

    we lucky ppl got a chance to hear Bhagwat in april from Gaurav ji.....

    i know ma words will definately fail to xplain d xperience we ppl had on katha,,,,bt still i'll give a try.

    im d one for whom god is a friend with whom i share every thing even my fights(before dis katha)......actly im famous among ma whole family for fighting wid god....i do belive God.. do love him.....do feel his presence every tym im in trouble bt still if even a glass is broken frm me...i was always ready to fight wid him.
    i was aware abt d katha schedule i guess from 6 months before katha as my chachu is member of community who organised it in phagwada. every1 was so excited....after knowing every1's excitement i decided to go to katha. n second reason was dat tym i was feeling really hectic frm ma daily routine,d work, d bordem was abt to kill me....so decided to spend some tym wid God.
    After attending 1st day of katha,i decided to go there fro whole 7 days...n i have been there always on tym(d big shock for me also as ma whole clg know me as a late comer)
    i dun know wat magic happens after dat.....it was guru ji's vani aur his bhajan....i never fighted with God ever after katha...actly wat i can xplain to u ppl is i feel close to Kanha ji n dats all coz of Guru ji....only he has shown me d way by which i can meet my kanha.

    D timing of katha was from 7 to 11 bt d actual timing became 7 to 12:30 sumtymes 1am n last day it was 2am.

    rest u ppl can see on tv....coz as i was aware im fail to xaplain ma feelings....Do watch it...im sure u ppl will LOVE it.

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  5. this is a true story..coz i m living in phg...and all the people who r used to drink ,gamble.and many more bad things..they repel thereselves from all these bad habits..coz guru g kehte hain...sharab full form is saarti,rulatii.barbaad karti...we r lucky that discourse of guru g is have to listen again soon in d next year same month i.e april..radhe radhe guru g.

  6. radhe radhe...fri kab ayega wo din jb guru dev hum aps emilnge..and ap hume banke bhiari se milvao...ap to aateho 7 din ke liye lekin fir tadpta chod jate ho...mising u lot Guru ji...

  7. jai sri krishna...i am gaurav and residing atsecunderabad...i ahve been told by a friend that guruji is planning a bhaagvat katha here...could anyone please give me the details of dates,venue,timimngs and contact nos...i would be greatful...jai sri radhe

  8. Sorry for replying so late gaurav566.....i have a official number,,,dis id delhi's number,,,an official number,,,,select d option according to ur enquiry ,,,im sure u'll get all info u need,,01145598800///
    Radhe radhe!!