Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Next Bhagawat Katha Of Guru Ji

Katha Vyas - Shri Gaurav Krishna jee Maharaj

Date : 20.05.2009 to 26.05.2009

Time : 3 PM to 7 PM

Location : Kamla Nagar (Aagra)

Call : 011-45598800 / 0565-2456928


  1. jai jai shri radhe
    i know about the next bhagwat katha of guruji.

  2. jai jai shri radhe
    guruji ke charno me shat shat naman.guruji apke mukh se khata sunker me apne saare dukh bhool jato hoo.apki amrit vani me vo ras hai jo man ke saare andhakar ko door kar deta hai.please aap apni next SHIRMAD BHAGWAT KATHA ke bare me bataiye.
    jai bihari ji ki.

  3. jai shree radhekrishna
    guruji i am a student studying in an engineering college and i use to watch regularly the " bhagwat mahapuran " being sung by you
    i really like all the bhajans and aarti's sung by you and after listening them i find myself filled with the ocean of bhakti and really i find myself away from the world in the foot of bakein bihari
    i am fully confident to say that everyone in the world who once listens this great katha from your mouth will definately realises about his/her karma and the importance of bhakti in life.

  4. i really love dis song
    thnx guruji

  5. the excellent bhajan of guruji. it has greatness.