Friday, July 4, 2008

Radha ---------- Krishan

The two super hits song of Shri Krishan Ji that you heard a lot,while traveling in Vridavan.

The fast music of these song makes different from others.

The songs are :
1. Meri jaan hai radha
2. Sapne mai raat mai

For You people these are free to Download:

Download Link:

Sapne mai raat mai
Meri jaan hai radha

Thank You very much for all those people who visit my blog.This is because of your support that i m keep collecting some material for you guys.


  1. Jai shree Radhe,
    Jai Shree Krishan,
    parnaam param pujaya Shri Shri Mridul Krishna Shastriji Maharaj shat shat parnaam.
    i heard many of your bhajans and they all are very very good.
    specially radhe radhe japo chale aayege bhihari.
    i have got many of the video but in india but fortunately now iam in australia or always tried to find the bhajans that you have sung because you have very good voice.
    you are very good.
    please want to say you one thing i want to listen you many bhajans like "choti choti gaiyaa chote chote baal" or many more many thing about krishan leela please help me or send me the link where i can get all these bhajan.
    you can contact with me through my e-mail id or i can call you if you want please send me the link.
    here is my e-mail id robin_verma05@yahoo.com.
    please send me i will wait for your reply.
    thank you very much
    i shall be very greatfull to you,
    with regards,
    Robin Verma
    parnaam guru ji maharaaj.
    jai shree Radhe
    Jai shree Krishan.

  2. Bahut aache lage bhajan.aapka to mai bhagat hu.aap dono bhaiyo ki bhagwat katha bahut aachi lagti hai.I Like U.Sir aap katha karne ke kitne paase lete hai hamara bhi man karta hai aapko karnal bulane ka.aapki vani me jo rus hai vo kahi nahi hai.

  3. Jai shree Radhe,
    Jai Shree Krishan,
    parnaam param pujaya Shri Shri Mridul Krishna Shastriji Maharaj shat shat parnaam.


  4. jai shri radhey

    mridul ji maine apki koi bhi katha nahi chhodi mein sari katha dekhata hoon kitane hi mail apke site par bhi kiye prantu uttar nahi aya phir bhi ek asha app jaise banane ki mere andar umad rahi hain
    mein app ke jaisa dharmik banana chahta hoon

  5. radhey krishna

    sorry to interupt dear bt mridul ji is father of gaurav ji

    whatevr dis is d fact to be believed dat my bihari ji's bleesings are wid both of dem n dey ae so good ,their beautiful way toi chant mantras n their graceful way to speak is mindblowing sumtimes it brings tears to my eyes

  6. please i want ot download the bhajan Radhe radhe barsane wali radhe